Services We Are Not Currently Offering

While we do cover a large range of services, there are going to be companies that we are not a good fit for and tactics that we do not partake in for various reasons. We want to make sure that we are able to achieve everything that we set out to accomplish so we will not get involved in anything we are not good at. Some of those items include the following:


Appointment Setting Services (via call centers)

Reason: We do not get involved in appointment setting services via call centers.  One, because we are not set up this way and two, we did not have a great experience with this when we tried it out for ourselves.  We found this to be very expensive and did not produce the results we had hoped for.  Our thinking was because people did not like the feel of this cold call and when we tried to do it economically overseas, the language barriers just proved to be too much to overcome.  I am not saying that some companies will not have success with this or that some companies do not do this very well, but this is not a tactic we ever plan on implementing.

"Black Hat" Link Building Services

Reason: This is an SEO tactic that is falling by the wayside like a brick in water.  It did work very well 10 years ago and even as recent as 3-4 years ago, and some companies might still be getting around Google, but it will eventually be obsolete due to all the algorithm updates from Google such as the Google Panda Update, Google Penguin and The Quality Update amongst many others. These updates are all designed to reward high quality content and diminish the value of "black hat" or even "grey hat" link building farms and tactics. The reason they are doing this is to further the user experience so they are directed to the best and most relevant content vs. companies that are stuffing their website with keywords they are wanting to rank for.  Other areas of these black hat services include the following:

  1. Hidden Content: stuff keywords into comment tags, no-scripts, and invisible text

  2. Meta Keyword Stuffing/Spamming: repeating keywords in a meta tag instead of describing the website

  3. Gateway Pages: creating pages never seen by the user to attract search engines, which redirect the user to another website (either related or completely unrelated)

  4. Link Farming: increase inbound links by using pages that have no purpose other than listing links

  5. Cloaking: showing different websites to search engine robots and users, so users arrive at completely different contentthan what the search engine cataloged and recommended

Needless to say, this methodology is something we are severely opposed to and will never, ever offer.

Sales & Marketing Trainings

Reason: Because other people are better at it than us.  However, we have a wonderful network of amazing experts to learn from and you can find them here.  We realize we might be coaching you up to not need some of our services, but we are completely okay with that because we strongly believe that the more we look out for our customers' best interests, the more customers we will have. 

Below is a list of the recommended experts to learn from if you would like higher level training.