Implementing an Agile Approach to Social Media Marketing


With the social media marketing trend growing stronger than ever, the need for better marketing strategies is also increasing. Nowadays, marketing companies are trying to find innovative means of handling social media marketing. And if you are looking for ways to improve your marketing team’s productivity and success, you might want to consider implementing an agile marketing approach.

What is Agile Marketing?

A growing trend in the marketing industry, the agile methodology refers to the process of using a collection of tools and processes to improve a team’s focus and overall productivity. An agile marketing approach empowers your team to collaborate and communicate better and to perform tasks more efficiently even in rapid iterations.

The Agile process also aims to improve decision making by using verified data for guidance and to enable your team to respond to changes quickly. By implementing an agile approach, you can enable your team to work more efficiently and accomplish more tasks in a shorter span of time.

Why Go Agile for Social Media Marketing

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Implementing agile marketing offers a variety of benefits. If you are thinking about ramping up your social media marketing efforts, the Agile methodology is possibly the best way for you to streamline your process. Here are some of the advantages of implementing an Agile social media marketing approach:

  • Improves your team’s efficiency and response time, thus increasing overall productivity.

  • Encourages teams to collaborate better and communicate effectively.

  • Enhances your team’s flexibility and adaptability.

  • Allows you to measure your team’s performance.

  • Makes it easy to improve your processes and stay competitive as a marketing team.

How to Jumpstart an Agile Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you want to set up an effective agile marketing strategy for your team, here are some of the things you should take into account.

1. Set clear marketing goals.

To give your team a clearer direction, it’s essential that you set up clear marketing goals. Whether you want to get more website visitors or increase your sales, it’s important that you specify your goals and see to it that your whole team understands them. This way, they can all pitch in to accomplish all of your tasks when it comes to marketing your brand on social media. You can start by scheduling a meeting with your team to plan your whole strategy and establish your goals.

2. Break down tasks into smaller, more manageable functions.

Once you have set up your marketing goals, you can now start assigning responsibilities to your team members. Marketing is a huge undertaking. So to make it more manageable for your whole team, it’s better that you divide the tasks into smaller activities that you can easily assign to your team members.

For example, if you want to promote your brand through various social media platforms, you can form different micro teams to handle marketing through each of your selected platforms. Then each member of your micro team can handle more specific tasks, such as preparing images, copywriting, scheduling, tracking and more.

3. Delegate tasks wisely.


When it comes to delegating work, it’s important that you consider the skills required to accomplish each task. An agile team should always see to it that they are making the most of their available resources. And for an agile marketing team, taking advantage of your team’s individual skills can help boost your team’s overall productivity. For you to decide wisely on how to delegate your tasks, you should first know what their strengths are.

Ideally, your team should be made up of professionals who are familiar with the ins and outs of the marketing industry. Your team should have a copywriter, graphic designer, SEO and ads specialists, as well as analytics experts. With an all-star team, you can easily delegate tasks and see to it that they are performed properly to the best of their abilities.

4. Use tools to monitor your progress.

Technology has made it easy for workers to achieve optimal efficiency by taking advantage of various productivity tools. When it comes to implementing an agile social media marketing campaign, a team manager should also have the right set of tools to monitor the progress of their efforts. Each task should be laid out using a visual project management tool such as a Scrum or Kanban board. This way, it will be easier for you to keep track of your team’s individual and overall performance. To be an effective agile marketing team, you and your team should see to it that all tasks are processed in rapid iteration to avoid wasting time and other resources.

5. Measure and analyze results.


Another important factor to consider when going agile is your team’s ability to measure your social media marketing performance. How are your efforts paying off? Are you gaining more followers? Is your return of investment (ROI) rate improving? Are you able to convert more followers into sales? These are some of the things that you should take into account. This is also where the marketing goals you have set comes into play.

Depending on the goals you have initially set, you should see to it that you are using analytics tools to measure your marketing performance from the get-go. This will allow you to better understand the trends in your market and to continuously improve your methods. The data you’ve gathered can also help you determine which methods and platforms work better for you when it comes to promoting your brand on social media.

6. Scale and repeat based on outcome.

Once you have gathered enough data from your current marketing strategies, you will now be able to determine which techniques and platforms are delivering better results for you. Once you have identified what works best for the brand you are promoting, you can now ramp up your efforts and switch your team’s focus towards the strategies that work better. You can continue the iteration in rapid succession as part of your agile marketing approach. And with a visual project management board, you can efficiently repeat tasks more efficiently.


No matter what social media platforms you decide to use, an agile marketing approach can definitely boost your team’s productivity. With your preparation, along with your business tools and data-guided decisions, can easily ramp up your marketing efforts and achieve your marketing goals faster and more efficiently.


About the Author

Christine Joy Leal is an experienced freelance writer and content manager, wife and mother-of-two. She loves keeping things in order and enjoys using the Kanban and Agile methodologies to manage all her writing projects, daily tasks, and other personal matters that require efficient organization. Apart from managing her busy content writing career, she also enjoys books, movies, TV series, online games, music, and crocheting. She also writes blogs for Kanban Zone and for her personal website.