Content Marketing Tactics You Need To Have In Your Strategy Today!


For quite some time, content marketing has become a valuable aspect in a marketers’ success. Today, almost all the B2B buyers are emphasizing content for making better purchasing decisions and are also accessing content at a much higher rate via their mobiles and tabs. All these trends have led to higher user reliance on the content in research and purchase decisions.

However, even though content marketing is a valuable aspect, only 69% of the businesses have a documented marketing strategy, say sources. And in this 69 %, some companies use KPIs to measure their success, while others rely on marketing ROI. But, whatever the metrics may be, it is no surprise that a documented marketing strategy is essential to make your content marketing campaign a success. At least that’s what almost 51% of the B2B marketers have to say!

So, if you’re sailing on the same boat and thinking about how to build a perfect content marketing strategy for your business, then congrats, you’re at the right place! In this article, we’ll be covering some vital content marketing tactics you need to have in your business strategy.

Let’s get started!

#1. Identify Your Business Goals

The first and foremost aspect of creating a robust content marketing strategy is to identify your business goals accurately. The short statement stating your business goals will make your business priorities more transparent and would also help you to make a successful marketing campaign. It will correctly deliver the right content to your target audience and will also provide you the benefits of a particular marketing campaign.

Some common examples of business goals include -

  1. Improving revenues

  2. Making more sales

  3. Getting more traffic

  4. SEO Success

  5. Social Media Engagement, and much more

#2. Emphasize On Visual Content

People often skim content nowadays, and that’s the most hurtful thing for a writer to hear. According to a source, almost 80% of the readers skim the content written in the article. However, it isn’t true that if they skim your first paragraph, they don’t read your article. They do, and if there are eye-catching visuals, then chances get almost double. Visuals increase the desire to read content by nearly 80%, and that’s why popular sites such as Venngage, uses almost 200 images in a single article.

However, using blunt images cannot be considered as visual-rich content. The modern generation needs a little more than that because of their cliche nature. So, to solve the issue and to make your content more appealing, you can try and involve infographics, charts and graphs, relevant images, slideshow, and so on. You can even try to include high-quality videos to make your post more appealing, as readers are 85% more interested to buy your product after watching a video about it.  

#3. Share a Readable & Well Written Content

A perfectly explained, and exciting content has more chances of getting shared by the people than a plain blunt text. And while pointing out the readable content, we are talking about the content with -

  1. Longer Length (up to 2000-2500 words)

  2. Full of Visuals

  3. Emotionally appealing

  4. Trustworthy (Full of facts)

  5. Promotable, and so on

So, always try to create content that satisfies all the points mentioned above. It should be shareable, hilarious, relatable to your target users, and should focus on their pain points. Please write at least a 2000-word article, and share it with an influencer to get his/her feedback. If your post is good enough, the chances are that they can even share that on their social media platform.

#4. Don’t Forget To Include Facts

As discussed in the point mentioned above, a trustworthy article has more chances of getting shared by the people than an ordinary story-telling post. You need to be very careful while building content and should always act according to the facts and actual information. It might be possible that what was true three years ago might not be at present.

So, think, tactically! Instead of believing in a certain thing, try to get accurate information about it. Although the chances of getting different results are high, that’s how we become experts! Through brainstorming and a creative mind, you can come up with new ideas that others can inspire from in the future.

#5. Leverage the Hedgehog Content Model

You might be thinking what a hedgehog has to do with the content marketing strategy! Well, it simply indicates that you should start from where you currently are. A hedgehog model implies that you should start small in your initial days, and then should proceed to achieve higher results. It would be best if you stopped worrying about generating 1000 monthly visitors in your starting days.

Focus on creating a consistent content marketing strategy and then scale it up as your business grows. If you can achieve those small targets, then the possibility of attaining more also increases significantly. You can start by sharing your content with your friends over your social media platform. The same concept can be applied to your email marketing campaign too.

#6. Figure Out the Best Content Channels

As you start posting content on various social media platforms, after a specific time, you might get an idea of where you’re getting the most of your audience. So, it would be best if you started focusing on it. In other words, working on a particular platform for making a successful online presence is necessary to make your marketing strategy work. It’s best to focus on what’s working for you rather than trying all of them simultaneously.

However, to be very sure about your most beneficial marketing channel, you need to rely on web analytics. Don’t worry, the internet today is filled with web analytics tools that provide you with the vital user-engagement data. For instance, you can use the Google Analytics tool to see where your content is being shared the most. You can also get to know the top content that was most liked by your target audience and can then work to create more such content.

#7. Use Native Ads but Don’t Be Deceptive

Native ads are an aspect of online marketing where the content matches the platform on which it is shared. To be more precise, native ads mean perfect content for the users of a particular platform. It would be best if you were very specific about the content you’re sharing, as in, it should relate with the audience on that platform.

Native ads aren’t new to the marketing world; they are prevalent for quite some time. This fantastic marketing tactic helps to make your content more than a promotional piece of shit. Though many people think that native ads don’t work like regular marketing techniques since they don’t look like ads, many big companies NYtimes and Newscred, promote native ads openly. All in all, if you want native ads to be a part of your marketing strategy, then post content related to the sharing platform you are using.

#8. Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing isn’t optional today if you want to be successful in the global market. You need to identify your competitors at an early stage and should keep an eye on them to succeed in the competitive market. You can even integrate this crucial research into your marketing strategy to improve and transform your vital business aspects.

Improved business automatically implies better conversion rates, and that’s what everyone here is looking for! And the most popular way of spying on your competitors is through automated tools. For instance, you can search a keyword related to your niche on Google and can see which all companies are using those keywords and are competing with you.

#9. Be Ready To Evolve

Last but not least, be ready to evolve. And with that we mean, to change gradually with time. If you are involved in content marketing strategy, then you should always remain flexible and should adapt to the latest ongoing trends in the app development market. And if you’re a user, you should always try to read great topics to increase your knowledge about the current trends.

Evolving as a business also signifies keeping pace with modern users. With the digitization in the global market, things tend to change drastically, and so the user’s thoughts. So, always look for the topics that are generating enough results, and if it isn’t, then leaving it is the best solution. Remember, to stay updated and to be flexible, and you’re good to go!

Final Takeaway!

So, what were some of the content marketing tactics that could help you in making your business successful in the global market? Apart from all these strategies mentioned above, there are many other tactics like continually running A/B tests, paying attention to the core business values, segmenting users, etc. You can always select what best suits your business needs. In the end, it’s not the best content that matters, but how well you present that content in front of your audience is the real thing.