4 Tips to Blend Print and Digital Marketing


Ever since the world fell madly in love with all things digital, brands have started focusing almost exclusively on their online existence. As useful as it may be to invest plenty of effort and creative energy into delivering marvelous digital marketing solutions, too many companies neglect the importance of print media and marketing channels, to their own detriment. Whether you’re utilizing a range of social media outlets, your website, or paid ads across the online world, you could be missing out on certain undeniable benefits of combining all of these and many other digital tactics with your print media. Why? Because of print matters now more than ever.

In this digitally-dominated world, people are becoming more responsive to tangible outlets and face-to-face interaction. The key failure of digital strategies is that they can only do so much in creating a warm, personalized experience, which is where more direct, print options step in to save the day. In order to further humanize your brand, maximize your marketing potential across the board, and give your customers an experience to remember, you should combine the best of both worlds. Here are the four key tips on how to accomplish just that.

Don’t forget QR codes

The most seamless, brilliant way to help your mobile-focused customers interact with your print media remains adding QR codes to each and every outlet you can. This simple solution has enabled many a company to invite their customers to visit their mobile-friendly web stores by adding this single digital footprint on their printed outlets.

Their use can be tracked and then measured, allowing you a glimpse into customer behavior, so that you can gain more understanding of these interactions, which ones convert the best, and what kind of content attracts the most users to actually use the code. This will further help you refine your strategy for the future, and hopefully give you a more seamless way to connect with all of your followers.


Amplify the effect of your brochures

Nowadays, most brands focus almost exclusively on designing beautiful and appealing digital presentations, be it a new landing page or a video ad for a new product. However, your brochures and other print outlets have the same potential to boost sales and followers when you design them with the right intent.

Brands that are aware of this potential have started turning to experts such as Infostarters to make sure that they can infuse your brand’s look as well as its tone of voice into every print they create. It’s important that your customers can instantly recognize that the brochure or the flyer comes from your business, much like they need to have the same level of recognition as soon as they land on your website. Achieving this consistently can be challenging, so working alongside design professionals can be beneficial.

Infuse your print with CTA

Wherever your customers look when they glance over your digital channels, there’s yet another call to action for them. It can be in the form of a button to check out a new product line, a blog post ending with a powerful CTA, or simply a cross-selling action just below the product they’re looking at. Alas, few brands use the same with print.

Look for ways to invite your customers to check out your latest digital campaigns with the help of print. A social media icon printed on your handouts can be enough of an initiative to get more followers for your business. How about adding a unique promotional code on a personalized letter for your digital store? Or a gift certificate sent to their doorstep, but inviting them to your online store? All of these are legitimate ways to increase the effectiveness of both of your outlets.

Cross-offer digital and print

Each industry operates differently, and as a result, each brand has different potential to utilize a wide range of digital and print channels for the sake of greater exposure and loyalty. Depending on where you stand with your audience, and if you want them to consider opting into a different marketing outlet, you can utilize them both to promote them equally and effectively.

For instance, if your customers love your brochures and printed flyers they pick up directly in your store every time they purchase, or you send them a monthly catalog of discounted items they might love, you can use the print material to invite them to follow you online, too. Add your social media pages, your latest active campaigns, hashtags, your website address, and your email subscription option. The same can apply in the opposite scenario. Should your customers subscribe to only digital outlets, offer them the printed variety through your email newsletter and see what happens.

Wrapping up

Truth be told, there’s no one-size-fits-all for any form of marketing, and the same applies to mix print and digital solutions. That is why you need to remain creative, keep getting to know your audience, and always go that extra mile to give them the experience they’ll enjoy the most. Use these tips to enhance your ongoing strategy, and you will hopefully connect to your customer base more than ever.