About Liston Witherill


Data-driven digital performance marketer. I drink too much coffee and lift heavy weights when I'm not at my desk. Talker. Love to sell, tell stories, and teach what I know.

Back in 2014 I ran marketing and sales for a $10M consulting firm. While there, one of the levers I pulled was digital marketing. After studying it relentlessly, I found out how much I loved digital marketing and sales to help grow businesses.

Fast forward. Now I help digital products increase their online and sales conversions. All of my work centers around a single question:

How do prospects and customers make buying decisions?

To understand them, I do heaps of research to learn about customers. My research includes quantitative and qualitative data, like: customer interviews, website surveys, analytics review, buying behavior analysis, and competitor analysis.

I can help you to increase your conversions with:

- Conversion Rate Optimization (iterative testing program)
- Messaging and copy
- Buyer Personas and buyer research