Marketing for Employment Law Firms

A case study covering online marketing for employment lawyers

A 788.06% increase in web traffic in just 3 months for an employment law firm.

Content marketing for employment law firms
Dramatic growth in web sessions in just a few months. Notably, Magnificent actually started service earlier in 2015, saw similar growth, but paused service temporarily in early 2016 – during which web traffic flat lined. This chart illustrates what happened when we got back to work. The right strategy and implementation truly make all the difference.

Dramatic growth in web sessions in just a few months. Notably, Magnificent actually started service earlier in 2015, saw similar growth, but paused service temporarily in early 2016 – during which web traffic flat lined. This chart illustrates what happened when we got back to work. The right strategy and implementation truly make all the difference.

Derek Howard, Logan Howard, and Thomas Kobelan have successfully represented hundreds of clients in all areas of employment law, consistently delivering sound legal advice and tailored solutions.

As experts in all facets of employment law, their attorneys can navigate a complex tangle of laws on behalf of their clients with goal-driven, forward-looking legal strategies. That same foresight also underpins their business model. According to a report in The National Law Review, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine, and 74% of prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the office. [1] In other words, Howard & Kobelan understood that getting eyes on their website from online sources would be crucial to continued future success.

The only problem? It’s the law of the jungle on the Internet.

Thankfully, Magnificent Marketing specializes in content marketing for employment law firms and search engine strategy that can crown clients as kings and queens of the jungle, establishing them as thought leaders, growing web traffic, and cultivating highly qualified leads – all at once. Howard & Kobelan even gained a greater share of more affluent clients.

The right strategy can yield results that can only be called Magnificent.


Growth in Dollar Value of Each Customer Contact


Growth in Customer Contacts Via Calls and Form Submissions


Growth in Engaged Customers Who Visits Two or More Pages Per Session

Working with the team at Magnificent Marketing has been a huge success. They take a very personalized approach that makes you feel like you are their only client. Our law firm has been very pleased with the results.
— Logan Howard
Content Marketing Agency Austin TX

An outstanding strategy delivers standout results

Campaign Targeting

We started by identifying Howard & Kobelan’s ideal market segments and client demographics. We supported the creation of content, provided by their expert attorneys, that would grab their ideal audience. By emphasizing helpful, informative content – “Can I get fired for having a drink at lunch?” – that appealed directly to prospective clients, we could capture their searches.

Search Engine Marketing

While high quality content drives most leads, an independent SEM campaign gave us an opportunity to pull a few extra contacts every week while also significantly boosting the website’s standing in search ranks. If the website shows through both organic search and Google AdWords, it boosts the site’s overall standing in search results, and clients reap net gains.

Conversion Optimization

Under guidelines from organizations like the Texas State Bar, attorneys may not be able to directly solicit business. Our strategy, then, was to ensure Howard & Kobelan’s knowledgeability and legal acumen would shine through, while minimizing passive barriers to action. We used a psychologically savvy combination of page layout elements, imagery, tracking measures and technical on-page elements to inspire as many calls and contact form submissions as possible.

For example, consider that eye-popping 303% increase in visitor engagement noted on the previous page. Sub-optimal web pages typically lose visitors on the first page. Our strategy was to grab pull visitors deep into the site, leading them by the hand

Upward Mobility

Greater Mobility
167.9% increase in mobile audience

One side effect of our strategy was greater reach with an audience on the move. Visits via mobile device skyrocketed from a few hundred a month to thoughts of visits via handled device.

A mobile strategy is crucial for future success: technology research firm Gartner has found that more than half of all users will use a mobile device first for all online activities, including research and shopping for professional services.

Greater Affluence
Noticeable increase in estate sizes

Online marketing can seem like a blunt force instrument, but that's only true for amateurs. In the hands of masters, it can be used to generate fine-tuned outcomes.

Case in point: by carefully tailoring content distribution via Facebook and Twitter, we specifically grew an audience based on reported income and similar financial indicators and, thus, started pulling prospective clients with higher socioeconomic status

Content Marketing Agency Austin TX

Many content marketers approach their work in a transactional way: you pay for a page of content, they throw a generic post together for you, and you might see mild (or zero) results. By contrast, Magnificent outcomes depend on masterful strategy that involve elements many marketers never even consider.

Targeted Distribution

Reaching the right audience underlies our whole strategy.

It starts with topic generation to create the perfect content. We want to speak directly to the needs of the specific, intended audience with helpful and informative subject matter that speaks to tomorrow’s visitor as effectively as today’s. Then, it’s about carefully tailoring distribution via channels like Twitter and Facebook to pinpoint fine-tuned demographic indicators to trigger outreach.


Re-targeting is an advanced tactic that means we continue to reach out to visitors who don’t fill out a contact form right away.

We identify the topics of interest to each visitor so that we can then offer them the content we know they want. Re-targeting is advertising based on previous actions, and it’s phenomenally successful, because it means giving people want they want: one study found that re-targeting increases conversion rates by 147%.

When implemented correctly, a good content strategy creates a gestalt effect where the production of more pages of good content, used in tandem with an expertly managed SEM campaign, yields outcomes greater than the sum of the parts.

We know it works: the evidence is sustained and dramatic growth without a concurrent increase in costs. For Howard & Kobelan, we pushed their website performance to its limit while working within a single, static budget. That’s truly Magnificent ROI.


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