About Carl Landau


Carl Landau has 30+ years of experience as a niche magazine publisher / entrepreneur / event organizer. Carl launched and sold 5 national niche magazines and two shows: Computer Language and AI Expert the first microcomputer magazines for professional programmers; Brew Your Own and WineMaker, the leading craft beer and wine hobby magazines; and BrewPub, a trade magazine. Plus, two events--the Software Development Show and the National BrewPub Conference and Tradeshow.

Carl started in 2000 an advertising sales training program called CAMP NICHE. These events train magazine Publishers, Ad Directors, and ad Reps how to successfully sell print, digital, and integrated sales programs.

He created a national conference called the NICHE MEDIA CONFERENCE specifically for small to medium sized target audience publishers. Carl also runs the NICHE DIGITAL CONFERENCE which helps publishers increase online revenues.

Carl is interested in helping magazine publishers, associations and event promoters successful market Niche Events.