About Ahava Leibtag

"We are so lucky to be alive at this time on Planet Earth. As fun as it is, the digital world has made life move at a rapid pace. For many marketers the choices are overwhelming and the channels confusing.

My job is to clarify so you can make the best decisions for your organization.

First, we look at your goals and objectives. Then we roll up our sleeves and get dirty with the details, because as we all know, that's where the devil lives.

Helping my clients communicate effectively online is the result of several of my skills and talents in combination: strategic thinking, sharp writing, curiosity about user behavior and knowledge of search engine analytics. These skills are all necessary to become an excellent content strategist and Web writer—in any field.

Learning to write about sensitive and complex topics in medicine, as well as balancing the technical and strategic aspects of communicating on the Web sharpened my writing skills and taught me how to explain anything in plain and simple language. (Ok, maybe not nuclear physics. But, I can tell you how a CyberKnife works.)

I also offer digital writing and strategy classes. You can see more about them on our website: http://www.ahamediagroup.com/digital-writing-workshops.html

I am always up for a new challenge and would love to hear from you if you need a content strategy, Web writing or digital communications problem solved."